Hi I’m Mary,

I have worked with babies and children for over 20 years as an early childhood educator, maternity nanny and certified infant sleep consultant.


As a mum of 3 young children I know the terror of leaving the hospital with your bundle of joy and wondering “what do we do now?” And the blur of sleepless nights that follow. I have been in your shoes and can provide an understanding shoulder to lean on.


I began Little Dreamers with the vision of providing practical support and information during the post natal period and beyond with a particular focus on sleep and settling.


In my own personal experience I found an abundance of support and information available during my pregnancy and birth but felt so alone and confused when I brought my first precious baby home from the hospital. We no longer have the village we need to care for our babies.


My passion is to fill this gap providing maternity care, post natal support, and professional and tailored sleep programs for those that need help based on the individual child, family goals and parenting style.


The decision to open an online store was an easy one. There are millions of gimmicks aimed at sleepless families and the last thing my clients want to do is walk into a baby shop to be presented with a thousand options of the same product all promising a miracle. I’m excited to offer products that are tried, tested and reviewed by myself that will assist you greatly in your journey to a good night’s sleep.